A quick bit of history:

Drambuie is a honey-infused whisky whose original recipe was created 270 years ago by Bonnie Prince Charlie. On the run, after defeat at the Battle of Culloden had ended his hopes of restoring the Stuarts to the throne of Great Britain, the Prince was given shelter in Scotland by various highland clans, despite there being a huge price on his head. John Mackinnon, the chief of one particular clan, was rewarded by Bonnie Prince Charlie with the secret recipe to his personal liqueur. The unique whiskey, known today as Drambuie, is still made to the same original recipe.

This online film celebrates another inspirational figure who was cut from the same cloth as the proud Prince. An amazing man who had his own beliefs and did things his own way. His name was Moe Norman and his story and achievements defy belief; yet most golfers have never heard of him. Who better to tell his story than a barman, as he prepares a drink made with Drambuie and ginger beer.

‘This is phenomenal. I love brands that understand how to tell an intriguing story and through telling that story, elevate their brand, capture consumer attention and in this case deliver a product focused message. Why does this work for me? What do most bartenders do better than mix drinks? Tell stories. They could have taken some douche-y metrosexual bartender at a Vegas club or high-end London bar and had him tell us that we should try this drink because he thinks its cool. Instead they took a bartender we’ve all met at one point and gave us a reason to listen to him. Well done. Drambuie has never caught my attention before but today they own my conversations.’

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